Louis-Edgar Jean-Francois

Chairperson and Treasurer

Member of the Quebec CPA Order, Mr. Jean-François is the actual CEO of Groupe 3737, a synergic ecosystem focused on creating economic growth and social impact through diversity, inclusion and black communities.x

Former Deloitte member, head of consolidation of Bombardier Aeronautique and chief accountant of RDS, Mr. Jean-François combined his experiences from then and founded, in 2009, a multidisciplinary accounting and legal services firm LEJ which, following his arrival in the G3737 ecosystem, has experienced tremendous growth in the company of other businesses that started at the same time. His objective is to help other companies / organizations to experience similar growth and thus promote economic, social development and large-scale job creation. 

Since 2009, Jean-François has worked almost exclusively with entrepreneurs / founders and today uses his knowledge and experience to serve them and help his community. He is also a member of several boards of directors for which he provides his knowledge. He secured federal government investments to support black communities in the province of Quebec as part of the Support Black Communities of Canada initiative of Employment and Social Development Canada as announced on May 16 by the Minister of Families, Children of Social Development, the Honorable Ahmed Hussen. He continues to work to bonify these federal investments.

In the short term, he helps entrepreneurs deal with the current pandemic situation through direct support and by working with certain partners to develop a direct and significant financing offer for entrepreneurs from black communities in Canada. He helped secure a 350 million dollars investment by the federal government and financial institutions for that specific purpose.