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MNP Entrepreneurial Training Courses

MNP, one of Canada's largest national accounting, consulting and tax firms, has agreed to provide services that will include a pro bono element, as well as business training services, exclusively to any businesses who are granted access to the Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund administered by FACE.

Here are some of the courses that will be available.

This workshop is designed to examine the essential components of a well-written business plan and provides clients with a clear and simple method of developing an operational guide for their businesses. Clients are provided with both an electronic and hard copy of MNP’s 26- page business plan template to work through. Sample business plans and additional writing resources are available in MNP’s resource library. The functional sections of the business plan are revisited in subsequent workshops and are designed to feedback into the template for the plan.

A large percentage of business failures are not attributed to a poor business concept but to a lack of proper cash flow management. This course provides clients with basic tools to help them properly manage their cash flow and incorporates a case study exercise to guide them through the steps of developing a cash flow statement.

This course provides clients with an overview of corporate and personal taxation. It begins with basic reporting requirements, the basis for taxation and initial tax planning issues, and progresses to issues such as year-end determination, shareholder/owner remuneration, expense deductibility and basic tax planning strategies. Clients will also learn about small business tax saving options.

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Business Support Tools

FACE will provide entrepreneurs with tools to better prepare in order to not only be ready for our loan application, but to increase the knowledge around what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Click here for more information.

Ecosystem Community Partners

The Ecosystem Community partners listed have been selected to help strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem for Black entrepreneurs and business owners across Canada. These organizations are developing new services and expanding those they already offer such as mentorship, networking, financial planning, and business training for Black Canadian entrepreneurs.